The Weeknd's 5 Best Songs

The Weeknd's sophomore album, Beauty Behind The Madness, was released today. I haven't listened to it yet, but in honor of the release, I have made a list of The Weeknd's five best songs. Enjoy and get the album here.

1. "The Knowing"-House of Balloons (2011)

A track from one of The Weeknd's earlier mixtapes, "The Knowing" is a dark song where he confesses to knowing that his lover has cheated on him, but he's become numb to it all.

2. "The Zone (feat. Drake)"- Thursday (2011)

"The Zone" is a song that sees The Weeknd and Drake lost in a sea of strippers and syrup. By this point, The Weeknd had garnered much attention for his dark, self-loathing lyrics. OVOXO at its finest.

3. "Adaptation"- Kiss Land (2013)

The Weeknd's debut album, Kiss Land, saw him taking his sound to the main stage. "Adaptation" is a song of longing, for love lost in the midst of submitting to temptation.

4. "Wanderlust"- Kiss Land (2013)

Kiss Land was also an album where The Weeknd shows a lot of similarities to Michael Jackson. And I think "Wanderlust" showcases that perfectly. From the production to the way his voice hits every note, it's uncanny.

5. "Can't Feel My Face"- Beauty Behind The Madness (2015)

In The Weeknd's latest offering, the lead single "Can't Feel My Face" is a bonafide hit. The Weeknd is at the top of his game and I love it.


The Weeknd Announces Album Title & Release Date

The Weeknd has been releasing hit after hit since his last album with the releases of "Often," "Can't Feel My Face," and "The Hills." Well, he has now revealed the name and release date of the album that will house those songs. The album will be called Beauty Behind The Madness and will be released on August 28th. I thought his last album, Kiss Land, was very good and I'm interested to see if he can keep up this momentum. Preorder his new album here.


Top 10 Albums/Mixtapes of 2013

After MUCH deliberation, and some late nominations, I have compiled my list of top ten albums/mixtapes from this past year. 2013 was an amazing year for music in general, especially hip-hop, so this was tough to call. But, I have managed to finish a list that I am content with. To be clear, this list does not consist of which projects I think are greater than the others. I have assembled this list, in order, in terms of which projects were my favorites this year; these are the albums I enjoyed the most from 2013. So without further ado, the list:

1. Acid Rap (Chance The Rapper)

2. Kiss Land (The Weeknd)

3. Wolf (Tyler, The Creator)

4. Nothing Was The Same (Drake)

5. Born Sinner (J. Cole)

6. BEYONCÉ (Beyoncé)

7. The 20/20 Experience: 1 of 2 (Justin Timberlake)

8. The Electric Lady (Janelle Monáe)

9. Yeezus (Kanye West)

10. INNANETAPE (Vic Mensa)

Honorable Mentions: My Name Is My Name (Pusha T), Random Access Memories (Daft Punk), Love In The Future (John Legend)

It’s only fitting that my list began and ended with Chicago. Shout out to my city. Stay tuned for my list of top 25 songs of the year. Enjoy.


The Weeknd has liberated the visuals for his track, “Pretty,” off of Kiss Land. I was hoping to see some visuals for a different song as this is one of my least favorite tracks off the album, but oh well. The visuals show what happens after The Weeknd finds out his girl cheated on him. Things get intense really quickly. Warning: the visuals are NSFW. Enjoy.

First Listen: The Weeknd, 'Kiss Land' : NPR

The Weeknd’s “real” debut album, (Trilogy doesn’t count in my eyes), Kiss Land is dropping next Tuesday, September 10th. Well, for your listening pleasure, the link above contains a stream of the album. This is the perfect opportunity to find out if you should spend your money next week, that’s what I’m gonna figure out haha. Enjoy.

1. Professional
2. The Town
3. Adaptation
4. Love In The Sky
5. Belong To The World
6. Live For (Feat. Drake)
7. Wanderlust
8. Kiss Land
9. Pretty
10. Tears In The Rain

Deluxe Edition:
11. Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)
12. Odd Look (Kavinsky Feat. The Weeknd)